Online dating is growing in popularity among young black singles. With an explosion of ethnically targeted dating sites coming onto the market during the last few years, the Internet is quickly becoming the place where black people meet and get to know their soulmates.

Why is online dating so popular with black singles? Like everyone else in today’s hectic world, black people are leading increasingly busy lives that leave little time for looking for love. Online dating offers a convenient way to make the process of finding a partner more efficient. Most black dating websites ask their users to create profiles describing their interests, hobbies, and personalities. Intelligent algorithms can match up users whose profiles suggest that they would have a lot in common. For black singles looking to date within their own ethnic group, this is a much more proactive way of finding love than the hit-or-miss approach of meeting potential partners in bars, clubs, or through mutual friends.

Many black people are looking for love within the black community because they want to find a partner who shares their ethnic heritage and understands the challenges of being black in a majority white society. Some black people are simply more attracted to others of their own race. Some black people, particularly those living in rural communities, feel isolated because there are very few other black people in the local area. For these people, online black dating is an opportunity to meet new people and connect to the wider black community.

Online dating is rapidly gaining social acceptability and becoming more common. Every week, hundreds of single black people meet online and start getting to know each other. Some experts have speculated that online dating will soon become the norm, particularly among the younger generation who are used to using the Internet to find whatever they are looking for. While romanticists may mourn the demise of a world in which lovers met by their eyes meeting across a crowded room, the more pragmatically minded are welcoming this new era of greater connectivity, which offers greater opportunities for romance than ever before.