A new online dating site for black singles has launched in America, to much controversy. The reason? Because every applicant is filtered and accepted/rejected, dependent on whether they meet the existing members’ definition of “good-looking”!

“To be considered for membership, a prospect must submit a profile along with an attached photograph,” says the founder of the site. “Existing members of the site vote on the approval of new prospects. Once a prospect is voted in, they are entitled to enjoy all the luxuries of the community as an accepted member.”

They state that the main goal of the website is to assist the black dating community by matching attractive black people with other attractive people. Apparently, for every 10 applicants that apply for a membership, only two make the grade!

What do you think? Is this the type of service you’d like to see in the UK? Or is it just totally shallow? Would your opinion be swayed if you think you’re attractive, but you got rejected like 8 out of 10 applicants?